Dracula Resurrection App Reviews

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Waste of money

I am stuck at the castle and not able to proceed through the game. The door to the Great Library still does not open after you click on handle to move the chandelier. Complete waste of money!!! The game is extremely dark, not possible to see anything. The graphics are poor, and the game is quite boring.

Dreary, dark and dull

I hated this game from the moment I started it. It caught a glitch near the end of part 2 and that’s as far as I got. I wanted to see what happened, so I followed it through on youtube. My best advice is to do the walkthrough on youtube for at least part 1 and see if it appeals to you. I wish I had done this, but intend to do it for other games I consider purchasing in the future. To me this story had little to do with vampires since they don’t show up util part five of the story. I found the graphics to be very poor. The game is difficult to navigate and the main reasonf for that is that it’s hard to see much of anything with all the dark settings.

Short game!

I played this game on ps1 10 years ago, and I remember it being more complicated than this version. And the reason is, the arrow in this version clearly indicates the places you need to insert the items in, therefore you can predict your next move quicker. The only thing that bothered me is that the story's video clips aren't complete.


I seem to be stuck in the castle - I found the blue gem, put the dagger in the dragon, have a lighter, and the cross symbol, but cannot go any further - nothing seems to work. I have gone everywhere and looked at and tried everything with the tools I have but nothing works - about to give up. Help.

Good adventure, but very buggy

I played this when it came out on PC a few years back… loved the story, graphics and overall immersive feeling of the game. Thought I'd try it on the Mac. Surprised I had very little recollection of the game and puzzles. Unfortunately, the Mac port is poorly put together. Some puzzles work themselves out and many other things simply happen automatically. Even the ending creeps up before you've had a chance to run through some of the puzzles. Very odd feeling. By today's standards, the graphics really need to be revamped. The story and game are good, if it weren't for the bugs, I would have given it 5 stars

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